Headlines: ‘Fake cremation concerns for horse owners’

That’s the headline from a Horse & Hound story published today regarding a rash of fraudulent equine cremation services that charged owners for cremations that never took place.

The equine cremation industry is completely unregulated, according to the article. Recently, multiple British horse owners have come forward with suspicions that they’ve been conned.

One of these was Jenny Morgan, who worried that she had been returned too few ashes for them to be her deceased champion Welsh pony.

“Weeks passed and eventually we got a shoebox-sized casket — he was 13.2hh,” she told H&H. “I’m angry and upset. This is not the dignified and respectful end that I wanted for him.”

This video, released last month, is the testimony of a rider who discovered her horse had been made into fertilizer instead of being cremated. She, too, noticed that the casket she’d been given was much too small to contain the ashes of her 16.3-hh Thoroughbred.


Read the full story at Horse & Hound.

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