HN Classifieds: ‘a dirty snow white molly mule – $750’

This molly mule is “pure as the driven snow, like an albino dalmation–spottless.” When she’s clean, that is.

a dirty snow white molly mule – $750 (Leonard, TX)


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I know that the best way to sell a white molly mule would be to work with her, clean her up, take a great picture of her, and then some one would be dying to own her. However, I was short on time so I snapped the best pic I could hoping that y’all could see through the dirt I didn’t have time to clean off of her before her glamour shots. She does lead and naturally if she leads that means she is halter broke. That is about all she does. If she did more than that, I would ask a lot more than $750 since there aren’t a lot of molly mules out there pure as the driven snow, like an albino dalmation – spottless. Hailey is when she is clean. She is easy to get along with, agreeable, cute, and has that super entertaining mule personality. Come check her out. By the way, Hailey is 6.


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