HN Classifieds Double Header!: ‘The cheapest horse you will EVER own!’

Two amazing Craigslist ads in one day… whaaaaa?!?!? Consider it an early Christmas gift. This gem is courtesy of EN’s fearless leader Visionaire.

The cheapest horse you will EVER own! – $650 (Grayson)


[email protected][?]

15.1 hh tall QH life sized fiberglass horse he is literally the best horse you will ever own… he doesnt buck, bite, rear, kick… he will stand where you put him for hours, days, weeks, even months and not wander off or require fencing; he never needs his feet trimmed or the vet out to see him, he is immune to all equine diseases and parasites;l he doesnt eat a thing and still keeps his amazing figure, no exercise or turnout needed for this guy… He will be the best horse you ever owned….


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