News: My Little Pony ‘Friendship is Semi-automatic’ handgun

The blogosphere has been abuzz this week with news of a handgun featuring Rarity, a character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Wrote, “The lesson that my little pony franchise teaches kids is that ‘friendship is magic.’ In this particular case, friendship is magic until you cross your gun-toting, pony-loving friend. Despite the cute and cuddly design, which may seem harmless enough, I wouldn’t suggest crossing whoever the owner of this pony-inspired shotgun is.”

The gun was created by Springfield Armory, and it’s not the first firearm created in a My Little Pony’s likeness. The three guns below bear the “cutie mark” of Rainbow Dash, the show’s main character.

My Little Pony rifle []

My Little Pony shotgun []

My Little Pony handgun []

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Go My Little Ponies.

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