HN Classifieds: ‘Black Beauty Thourough Breed’

So you bought this 16-month old horse, and the people you bought her from told you “she was trained to ride,” and then you were surprised when you found out she’s not. Wow.

From Craigslist:

Black Beauty Thourough Breed – $375 (Lenoir City)


[email protected][?]

I have a healthy beautiful black thorough breed female. She is 16 months old. I love her however when I bought her I was told she was trained to ride, she is not. We have tryed to mount her she freaked out. Perhaps because she is not use to it. Or perhaps because she is so young. However the good is that she is still young, Very smart, very pretty and She seems to get along with are much older horse quiet well. I am asking $375 for her to get back some of the money I have put into her.(Buying her, as well as feed and hay. I can not transport sorry. I believe she would do much better at a farm where she is cared for by someone who has the time and skills to train her. As well as have lots of times to spend time with her. Serious enquiries only please. (865)964-9214, Thank you.

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