HN Classifieds: ‘Great gift from Santa – Mini horse pregnant’

Pregnant miniature horses might be the cutest things in the world–they look like big, fluffy beach balls. Here’s another great ad from Craigslist…

Great gift from Santa- Mini horse pregnant – $700 ( Elmore County)


[email protected][?]

Pregnant mare and she has beautiful colors when she doesnt roll in the dirt. She is white and cant stand to be white. The papers say she is palamino as she is white with very light patches of tan. But so pretty when she is all cleaned up. Soon as you bathe her she hits first puddle and rolls in mud. Sweet personality and ready for a child to be her best buddy. She is an excellent Christmas gift and then in late summer she will share her new foal with you. Call to see her as she is with her baby daddy in the pen and this way you can see both parents together. Asking $700 OBO. Call 334-517-4776.


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