EN Today: Horse game – CLOP

Lord help us all, Visionaire has discovered a new horsey computer game called “CLOP” featuring a unicorn that has a seriously hard time going anywhere.

From Visionaire:

Who knew you could suffer a rotational fall while trying to trot over a rock? Think it’s easy trying to make a horse walk? Try this game, and appreciate how coordinated they really are. Use the “H, J, K, L” keys to control the legs. Impulsion and balance will seem very important! After hours of playing, I have only once climbed the Big Mountain–and it only got worse from there. How far can you make it?? Let us know in the comment section!

Click here to play: http://www.foddy.net/CLOP.html

Warning: EN is not liable for decreased productivity at work!  

I seem to have the most luck using a trot or passage sequence (HJ/KL), though I am always foiled by the rocks on the mountain.  Long live the tranter?

Here’s a video of someone trying out the game:


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