Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Wintertime is all about snuggly stuff: warm coats, soft scarves and cozy blankets. And Fleeceworks definitely falls into the snuggly category!

Choose from an original Fleeceworks saddle pad, made from carefully hand-selected pure Australian Merino sheepskin, or a new Thera-Wool pad made from the same wool fibers used in the sheepskin pads woven onto poly-acrylic backing. Both are technologically advanced and able to provide comprehensive back protection, providing thermal balance, preventing discomfort and enabling your equine partner to give you the best possible performance.

It’s about as close as you can get to strapping an actual plush, fluffy cloud between your saddle and your horse’s back!

Horses can’t make wishlists, but if they could, we bet we know what would be at the top of the list: Fleeceworks!


View the entire product line here.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!


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