7 Animals With Olympic Show Jumping Aspirations

Think horses have the corner on jumping talent? Think again. Lauren Nethery compiled this list of leaping animal videos (and one bonus video of leaping shirtless men).

From Lauren:

The weather is cold, the sun is setting earlier each day, the arena footing is almost but not quite frozen, and old Thunder Hooves gives you that look when you break out the jumping tack that says, “Really?  We’ll see about that today. I think that perhaps we should play ‘watch the human jump the jump without me’ instead. I’ll even give you a little boost… and/or some catapult action.” Give him a break this winter while still satisfying your never-ending compulsion to jump things by asking Santa for one of these incredible jumping animals!

It looks as though the Easter Bunny stunt doubles got into the candy stash.

These stripes FLY! A jumping zebra, who knew? (Please excuse the ridiculous jungle music and skip to around the 1:00 mark.)

We all make our dogs jump, but 80”!!??

This bull seems to be best suited for free jumping competitions. Hopefully no one was injured. (Skip to around the 2:20 mark and pay attention to the entertaining Canook commentary.)

MINIATURE horse jumping is a great way to tone your legs and quench your jumping thirst!

Trapped in the Great White North all winter? Start a moose over fences! Look at those knees!

It might be advisable to wear a suit of armor to train these, but tigers even do water jumps!

And, if all else fails, train your boyfriend to jump. I suggest positive reinforcement and a clicker.

Go Riding!

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