Weekend Update from Kentucky Performance Products

If your horse had things his way, he’d probably spend his days alternately napping, stuffing his face and playing grab-tail with his buds. Unfortunately, we have a different agenda.

Between stressful competitions and unnatural feeding and turnout routines, the domestic life can take its toll on our horses’ health–their digestive system in particular.

That’s why Kentucky Performance Products has created Neigh-Lox® Advanced.

Here’s what they have to say about how it works:

Neigh-Lox Advanced contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain healthy equine GI tract tissues. By supporting proper pH levels, sustaining a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria, and supporting the healing of damaged or irritated tissues, horses are less likely to suffer from digestive upsets so they perform better and feel great every day.

Neigh-Lox Advanced combined the ingredients found in the original Neigh-Lox with a proprietary blend of fermentation solubles and Saccharomyces boulardii (a yeast). These ingredients work synergistically to support both a healthy foregut and hindgut. By maintaining a healthy gut, Neigh-Lox Advanced reduces the risk of gastric ulcers, colonic ulcers, diarrhea, and colic or laminitis resulting from hindgut imbalances. It also supports the healing of previously irritated or damaged tissues throughout the digestive tract.

Learn more about Neigh-Lox® Advanced here.

Go Kentucky Performance Products, and Go Riding!

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