Wednesday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

Yesterday World Equestrian Brands posted a picture of a saddle on its Facebook page that was so gorgeous, I had to check it out.

Beautiful, right? Turns out, it’s a hot-off-the-presses new Amerigo creation: the Classic Dressage Siena. It’s not even on the market yet–but it will be soon! WEB explains,

The Cervia Siena is pretty yummy itself. The youngest member of the Amerigo dressage saddle family, the Amerigo Cervia Siena, offers the rider total balance and allows for a relaxed, free but efficient leg position.

About the saddle, from the WEB website:

Robin Moore, President of World Equestrian Brands, said she is thrilled to be offering the newest Amerigo Dressage Saddle. “The Cervia Siena is made entirely from individually chosen, luxuriously soft calfskin leather and gives the rider an instant feeling of comfort, safety and close contact with the horse,” Moore said. “The precise shape of the saddle tree and the uniquely padded seat allow riders to find a comfortable and ergonomically correct position.”

Peter Menet, who has created a legendary following among top riders, is the designer of Amerigo Saddles. “Peter applies equine biomechanics to saddle design and that philosophy was an important influence on the construction of the Cervia Siena,” Moore said. “Peter has long term partnerships with vets, therapists and top international riders who constantly confirm the functionality of the Amerigo saddle concepts. The Cervia Siena has received two thumbs up from Carl Hester, he finds it to be a great addition to the Amerigo brand.”

The concept behind the creation of the Cervia Siena was to combine the organical measurements taken from over 50,000 horses and riders with the individuality required by each new combination. “Our Wool/Felt Panel System is unsurpassed and provides direct and precise communication as well as excellent weight carrying values on the horses back. Freedom of shoulder is achieved by careful design and optimal coordination of movement, which allows the horse to stretch over its topline, lifting the back and therefore moving the shoulders away from the saddle tree area. This follows the principal that stretching leads to collection,” states Peter Menet.

Moore added that as with all Amerigo Saddles, the Amerigo Measuring System allows for a precise fit for all horses and riders with almost unlimited options and choices. “One of the big strengths of Amerigo is the wide variety of trees we use to acquire proper fit. Additionally, a wide variety of billet strap configurations, panel density and head iron options truly provide a huge ‘toolbox’ to work from to get the best fit possible for horse and rider,” she said. “The Cervia Siena Dressage, like all the Amerigo models, it totally customizable.”

Here’s a photo an Amerigo fan recently posted on the WEB Facebook page of their Cervia Siena, with the note, “Brown leather Amerigo Cervia Siena from World Equestrian Brands. Big thank you to Robin Moore for the best dressage saddle ever!”

That’s one beautiful saddle–and I love the brown!

To learn more about World Equestrian Brands, or to view their catalog online, visit their website at or call 1-888-637-8463.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!

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