HN Classifieds: ‘Cheap Hauling (Raleigh & Surrounding Areas)

Breanne Long kindly passed along a link to this Craigslist ad, from a guy who’ll haul your horse to the landfill… or something like that.

Cheap Hauling (Raleigh & Surrounding Areas)

Date: 2012-11-12, 8:52PM EST
[email protected][Errors when replying to ads?]

I have two stock horse trailers and a flat trailer 16ft. long. I haul just about anything, if a pickup can handle it we got you covered. Yard Cleanup, horses, goats, cars, furniture, landfill hauls, metal, etc..; You name you got it. I can move large heavy items such as pianos. I charge by the load and mileage; usually .50/mile if truck only and .85/mile if trailer needed plus $30 a load flat rate. Call with details and i will take down your information and give you a price. Whether your moving to a new place or purchasing new furniture from a place or just need to get rid of it, either situation we have you covered for the same price. If needing something hauled to landfill that fee will be applied to my charge, and you can help move the items or i can get someone myself if you want no worries. I have a 3/4 ton pickup so load is not that big of a worry. If in need feel free to call Chris 336-214-8781 with either service you need. For Burlington and Graham area services usually run 35-40.00 no matter what except for landfill fee. Raleigh and Cary area usually runs 60-65.00 with the excpetion of landfill fee. These prices are for moves within the cities, Price may vary if move is going out of area. Thanks and God Bless!

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