EN Today: Apparently, the FEI is NOT trying to kill schooling shows

Visionaire clears up some confusion about a new FEI regulation resulting from the FEI General Assembly earlier this month.

Top photo: Eric Swinebroad

From Visionaire:

Chances are, you’ve probably read or heard something about a new FEI regulation resulting from the FEI General Assembly.  Here it is as written:

Series and Events not affiliated to the FEI

The number of series per discipline and per category will be limited in order  to have a well structured calendar, to avoid date clashes and to manage athlete horse power properly to protect the welfare of the horse. As a related  point, the number of competitions that count for a series will be limited in  order to guarantee an open market and to avoid closed shops. Athletes and officials will no longer be permitted to participate in both sanctioned and  unsanctioned events. If an athlete, horse or an FEI official participates in a  non-sanctioned event, such person or horse will be prohibited from participating in any sanctioned events, both international and national, for a period of six months thereafter. An unsanctioned event is an event that is not  on the FEI calendar and is not authorised by a National Federation.

At first (and second, and third) glance, this paragraph would appear to be the end of unrecognized schooling shows.  Many people have (rightfully) been very upset at the thought of losing their inexpensive and very useful local outings.  However, the FEI has since released a clarification on the matter, and your schooling shows are safe.

From the FEI:

The new rule does not apply to any competition that could never be considered as ‘International’. So small shows, Society shows, pleasure shows etc etc do not come under this new rule.

If a show is run as a national show either through an NF or through an organisation that is recognised by the NF again, it does not apply.

However, if an OC organises a full international show in one of the existing FEI disciplines with invited international riders and does so outside the NF and so is not in the FEI calendar and is not supported by the NF the rule will be applied by the FEI and the suspensions could be invoked.

The FEI GRs have always confirmed that the FEI is the recognised International Federation for International Equestrian events for the disciplines it manages. The GRs confirm that a show with more than 15 international riders from more than 4 Nations must be run as an FEI event and under the NF concerned.

So take a deep breath… in through the mouth, out through the nose, and know that it’s still ok to go to your local hunter jumper show, an unrecognized dressage show, or any mini-event you like.  It appears the FEI only intended to hit the Big Targets, likely international jumper and dressage shows that offer lucrative prize money.  I’m still questioning whether this rule is actually necessary (it smacks of monopoly) but it does not seem to affect most of us.

Our friends at the USEF are also working on clarifying this issue, and will likely publish further explanation soon.  We would like to thank them for helping on this matter, as always.

Go Eventing.  Go Schooling Shows.

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