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I LOVE clinic reports! It’s like you get to benefit from the all this amazing expertise without paying money and stuff. Check out this one by Ali Smallpage.

From Ali:

Bailey, Lainey and Sky photo via Bailey

Howdy Eventing Nation!

Croixside Pony Club held a Laine Ashker Clinic at Carriage House Farm in Hugo, MN last weekend November 9-11. Remember Laine is one tough mudder when she’s not at The Fork or winning the PRO Bareback Challenge at Fair Hill. Friday focused on dressage, Saturday cross country, and show jumping on Sunday. While usually you do gymnastics and show jumping work before cross country work in a clinic format, the uncharacteristic 60-degree weather on Saturday meant terrific footing (read: not frozen) and just screamed cross country day. There were only a few additions to the clinic as the clinic was nearly filled with repeat customers Clubbers! I have to thank all the wonderful Pony Clubbers and their parents for giving me a plethora of videos and photos to use in this recap. There is surely enough content here to pass away an entire workday.

Fridays dressage lessons were semi privates with Laine hopping on a few horses to emphasize what she wanted out of the horse and the position of the rider. We do have a lot of top riders coming in for clinics, and several of the Pony Clubbers let me know that Laine is their favorite dressage instructor. “Every horse and rider looked like they could ride down the centerline at Rolex by the end of the lesson,”  according to one horse-savvy Pony Club parent. The “push” of the hind end, the straightness, and organization were the main topics of the day. [Ashley & Trevor – BN] [Laine on Biz – N Playlist of 5 videos] [Kristine on Biz – N 2 video playlist] [Kristine on Tiara – T]

Laine on Ann’s BN horse Ketch photo via Ann

Saturday had most Minnesotans turning on the air conditioner in the 60-degree temperatures while the Croixsiders were enjoying their romps around the Carriage House Farm xc course with the guidance of Miss Ashker. Banks, Ditches, Skinnies, Bounces, Benches, Shark’s Teeth, Roll Tops were some of the menu items for the day. “Forward and balance” was the mantra for the day. Laine wanted to instill a good leg (both in position and effectiveness) on these kids to teach them to be great cross country riders. Take a gander at some of these videos to get a taste of the exercises as well as Laine’s instruction: Emily Kelly (also an HN contributor) posted a 33 video playlist of some of the riders: [Check it out!] [Kristine & Biz – N 2 video playlist] [Kristine & Tiara – T 3 video playlist]

Ann & Ketch photo via Emily

Peter & Charlie photo via Emily

And who doesn’t love a bit of cuteness? Emmy and Charlie Brown:

Sunday brought a bit of gridwork and coursework back in the arena in frigid temperatures. Only in MN can it be 60s one day and in the teens the next… Kudos for Laine for sticking it out! Posture, and forward off the leg with a following light hand were the focus today. The kids really took home their previous lessons as they were all just rocketing from exercise to exercise and finished up early. Great riding by all!

Maddie and BillyBob photo via Emily

More videos: [BN Group Warm Up] [BN Group Course] [T/P Final Grid]

Go eventing.

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