Evention Presents: Conditioning your event horse

In their latest tutorial, Jimmie and Dom Schramm explain how to create a fitness program using easy-to-understand guidelines for the Beginner Novice through Prelim levels.

(Warning: The intro is HILARIOUS.)

In summary:


Regular work 6 days/week
Can also add hacks either pre- or post-ride most days


15 min trot every 4th day for 2 weeks, moving upto 20 min trot every 4th day for 2 weeks
Canter work – Start with 20 min trot, then 3 x 2min canters seperated by 2 min walks with a long walk to cool down, every 4th day for 2 weeks

Add 1 min of canter to the sets for the next month until you have performed 2 weeks of 3 x 4min canter sets


Same as above, but add an extra minute until your horse is comfortably doing 3x 5 min canters


Same as above but now also adding in hillwork. This is quite variable depending on the hill. Ask a professional for advice and err on the side of caution rather than running your horse too hard too fast.

Produced by Schramm Equestrian and filmed by Right Start Photography.

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