Tuesday Morning Feed from Dubarry

One of the most fun parts of a three-day event is seeing what competitors wear to the jog–especially when there’s a prize (in this case, a pair of Dubarrys) at stake!

At last weekend’s Galway Downs International Three Day Event in Temecula, CA, Dubarry decided to award the best dressed jogger at Galway Downs with a brand new pair of Dubarry boots.

These were the five finalists:

Lauren Billys and Ballingowan Ginger in the CCI**

Taren Atkinson and Gustav in the CCI*

Jordan Taylor and Cambridge in the CCI**

Kelly Pugh and Spot On in the CCI*

Michael Pollard and Schoensgreen Hanni in the CCI***. Photo courtesy of StockImageServices.com.

There was a vote on Dubarry’s Facebook page, and the award went to…

Michael Pollard! Lookin’ good, Michael.

Thank you, Dubarry, for your support of the sport of eventing!

Go Dubarry, and Go Riding.

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