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The storm might be past us but the tough part–picking up the pieces–has only begun. After several readers contacted us with information to share, we decided to open up a post dedicated to networking.

If you have concerns, need help, or know of available resources, please voice them in the comments section below.

Here are a few notes we’ve received:

Ginger-Kathleen Coombs writes, “You might also mention that donations can be sent to North American Mission Board. Red Cross takes credit for a lot of what other organizations like Southern Baptist/NAMB do. 100% of the funds that go into NAMB go to rescue efforts like laundry, food kitchen, etc. under Red Cross’s umbrella, but donations to Red Cross go to salaries, advertising, etc. Just a thought! Thank you.”

Jill Rogers writes, “Please warn those out on the east coast that if their water supply has been disrupted, they cannot use the water for their horses until given the clear by the water supplier. Also, water from wells could also be contaminated and should be tested before use.”

Suellen Slockbower writes, “There are tons of horses affected, but here’s one story: A friend of ours has 2 horses on Long Island. During the storm, other neighbors started losing their barns, and so now she has 23 horses on her ½ acre lot, and I don’t know how many horse owners staying in her house. Obviously, they need help–feed, hay, evacuation, etc. Can you guys help get the word out about these horses? My friend is also asking about the status of some horses she knows of in Sheepshead Bay that she is very worried about. (Sheepshead Bay is in Brooklyn.) …We have tried emailing, tweeting CNN and other news orgs. I’m sure there are tons of other horses throughout the NE that are in similar circumstances, so you guys at Horse Nation can do a HUGE service by helping publicize these horses and their owners.”

Feel free to continue exchanging notes in the comments section.

Image NASA GSFC via Masters.

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