A big HN welcome to our newest sponsor, Equi-Tee Mfg.!!!

Equi-Tee™ is home of the one, the only, the amazing Shake’n Fork™, among several other products designed to make life around the barn a little bit a lot easier.

Don’t get me started on manure forks. It’s a total love/hate relationship. You’ve gotta have ’em (I mean, if not for the forks, what else would be use to pick up horse turds? Ewww…)

These people love their pitchfork so much, they had their portrait painted with it.

…but OMG, if I never had to pick up another manure fork in my life, I wouldn’t shed a tear.

Given the choice, mucking stalls is NOT how I would choose to spend my time.

That's more like it.

But, as a horseperson who can’t afford a legion of handy stableboys to do my bidding, it’s a necessity.

Horses poop. They poop a lot. They always have, and they always will. All we can do it find a way to make the most of it.

Enter Shake'n Fork™ and Flex'n Fork™.

Shake’n Fork™ changed everything I thought I knew about cleaning stalls.

I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like standing in the barn aisle the first time I tried my new Shake'n Fork™.

It took away the dread of mucking-out and replaced it with a kind of giddy excitement, like I was somehow cheating the system. The fork has a little motor, see, that does all the work for you. All you have to do is press the variable-speed trigger and voila! The fork effortlessly sifts the bedding from the manure as fast as you can scoop it. Not only does it do the job better than a human, it does it faster than a human.

Robot revolution? I’ll take it–especially if  it’s going to save me money. They say a Shake’n Fork™ saves up to $1 a stall each day in time, labor and disposal fees. I don’t know about you, but the price of bagged pine flakes is OUTRAGEOUS where I live, and anything that results in less wasted bedding is a win for me. The 5/8″ tines work well for bagged and bulk shavings as well as any other bedding type that can be sifted manually (i.e. straw, not so much); a narrower Mini-Tine™ is also available for use with the Flex’n Fork if you bed with mini-flakes, pellets, cob or rice hulls or sawdust. The Mini-Tine™ works well for “beans” too–you know, llama beans, alpaca beans, goat beans…. And there is no better dog pooper scooper on grass than a Mini-tine Flex’n Fork™.

Did I say Flex’n Fork™? Oh yes, yes I did. It is the manual version of their manure fork. Unlike your typical manure fork, the Flex’n Fork™ is built in the USA to last for years. The ultra-tough basket is backed by a 13-month warranty against tine breakage–which is great for people like me who have been known to destroy pitchforks on a regular basis in the most imaginative ways possible, including but not limited to: accidentally leaving them in the manure spreader, running over them with four-wheelers, slamming them against the barn wall upon discovering that my horse is has thrown ANOTHER shoe… etc. etc. I’m like a fork’s worst nightmare, seriously, but I think I’ve finally met my match in the Flex’n Fork™.

Need further proof that Flex’n Fork™ is the Chuck Norris of manure forks? Check out this video:

Hilarious side-note on the video, from Equi-Tee™ founder and president Joseph Berto: “In the video, after we bent the crap out of the tines, we then straightened them and then we took it to the concrete and whacked the crap out of it. It never broke, but we KILLED Brand DF. My wife had a cow because we shattered five of them that we just bought for $60 an hour before at Big R.”

Yeah, they’re more expensive that your average pooper-scooper. Then again, how many of those forks have you had to replace over the years? How many curse words have you uttered under your breath while cleaning stalls with missing tines? Plus, these forks will pay for themselves over and over again in money saved in bedding and labor–think of it as an investment.

All of which is to say, Equi-Tee™ makes a fantastic product, and we’re totally thrilled to have them on board. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll hear much, much more about Shake’n Fork™ and Flex’n Fork™. Additionally, we’re launching a new feature called “Oh Crap” Moment of the Day, presented by Shake’n Fork™/Flex’n Fork™ that you guys are going to FREAK out over, it’s going to be so much fun.

Go Equi-Tee™, and Go Riding!


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