Thieves in the Night

Ghosts, goblins and other ghoulish things that go bump in the night are the last of these horse people’s worries. From jumps to boots to blankets, check out this list of items that have been stolen from farms this month.

Approximately $4,500 worth of horse jumps were reported stolen from a farm in Reddick, Florida. []

An Irish jockey, Nina Carberry, awoke this morning to find that several expensive winter rugs had been stolen from her barn. []

Two horse plows and a horse bucket were among the items stolen from a farm in Jefferson County, Missouri. []

Two hundred bales of hay, valued at $600, were lifted from a horse stable in Fayette, Maine last week. [CBS]

$6,000 worth of borrowed cowboy boots (they were being used as centerpieces for a dinner function) were stolen last week from a therapeutic riding center in Helotes, Texas. []

A saddle, bridle, three halters, horse medicine, parts for an electric fence and a spare trailer wheel as well as other oddments were taken from a stable in Tipton St. John, England, on Oct. 11. []

About $3,000 worth of tack was stolen from a horse farm in Kingsville, Maryland on Oct. 7. []

Sixty-two horses have had their tails and/or manes cut off in Natrona County, Wyoming (with over 100 cases reported statewide) since Aug. 1, probably for resale as fake tails or for crafts. []

A spat of burglaries last week near Selby, England, resulted in thousands of dollars worth of missing tack and equipment, including a browband worth £9,000. []

Four bridles, three saddles and a driving harness were stolen from a barn in Suffolk, England, on Oct. 17. []

Saddles were stolen from a storage unit in Prince William County, Virginia, last night. []

$15,000 worth of saddles were stolen and later recovered from a farm in San Antonio, Texas. []

The Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office in Washington is investigating a string of burglaries in which thieves have absconded with tens of thousands of dollars of horse saddles and other tack. []

Lock up your stuff, kids!


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