EN Today: Hurricane Sandy weather update & info

Holly Covey of Greenwood, Delaware contributed this roundup of resources and evacuation facilities for those affected by the storm.

From Holly:

A quick Monday afternoon eyewitness update on Hurricane/Nor’easter Sandy: (I am not at Ground Zero but pretty darn close — 20 mi. inland from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware).

Elkton, Maryland: Fair Hill “racehorse barns,” which are the stables normally used for horse shows and weekend events, at the top of the hill on the south side of 273, are open for shelter for horses in the north eastern part of Maryland. (MPS Park Manager Wayne Suydan’s cell #: 410-409-8974) Here’s a link courtesy of Xctrygirl for Maryland: http://www.thebaynet.com/news/util_files/util_printstory.cfm/story_ID/30028/storytype/textarticle

Cecil County in Maryland and Lancaster and Chester counties in Pennsylvania are near the eye of Sandy and may be hit hard.

Salisbury, Maryland: Wicomico Equestrian Center is open for equine evacuees. Ginny Morris is coordinating and can be called at 443-783-5883 if you need horse shelter in Wicomico County. I would also think Worcester County would also be welcomed there.

Virginia: Chincoteague ponies: they have sought shelter on the island of Chincoteague from what the picture caption says. This is probably the Chincoteague ponies owned by the Chincoteague fire company on the Virginia/Assateague Island side. No information on the wild Assateague ponies on the Maryland side. Photo from WBOC-TV in Salisbury from FB page, taken Monday morning.

Delaware: At the Delaware State Fairgrounds in northern Sussex County, a barn has been opened for horses and livestock that need shelter. This is located in Harrington, DE. You must bring your own buckets, feed, bedding, tools to clean out, and must feed your own horses and care for them or coordinate with fellow shelter users. The Delaware Dept of Agriculture (Bob Moore 302-689-4566) has assured us that the Sussex Barn at the DE State Fairgrounds in Harrington will be available for use by anyone needing shelter for their equines during the storm. The owner is responsible for all services, and the fairgrounds is assuming no liability. Frank Chick Jr. of Chicks in Harrington said that if anyone needs horse feed or hay to call him for possible delivery. (If anyone needs delivery let us know: 302-270-4432)

In northern Delaware, I have no information at present, but Carousel Farms in New Castle County as well as Delaware Park in Stanton, just north of I-95, may have open space for evacuating horses. I am guessing at this with no confirmation–call someone to find out first. This area is near the eye of Sandy and will be hit hard. NOTE: Right now Delaware is under a state of emergency and no one is supposed to be traveling on the roads except essential personnel. If you haven’t moved horses by now you probably can’t until late tomorrow.

New Jersey: This is the News page of the NJ Ag Dept. which has a generalized roundup of links and info, nothing specific to horses: http://www.nj.gov/agriculture/news/hottopics/approved/topics121026.html#3

And a pdf which also is generalized: http://www.nj.gov/agriculture/divisions/ah/pdf/livestockbro.pdf

I am looking for southern New Jersey equine emergency links. This area is in the eye of Sandy and will be hit hard.

Disaster Veterinary Animal Care Reimbursement for veterinary supplies used in disaster: http://www.avmf.org/whatwedo/disaster-veterinary-animal-care-reimbursement/

Disaster Veterinary Practice Relief for reimbursement of veterinary practices damaged in disaster: http://www.avmf.org/whatwedo/disaster-veterinary-practice-relief/

Facebook pictures are showing absolutely devastating flooding in all ocean front areas of Delaware and Maryland right now, and many inland coastal areas such as Long Neck, Delaware and Ocean Pines, Maryland. Although we have been monitoring the Weather channel and national media we are seeing very little coverage of the Delaware/Maryland/Virginia coastline, and I have to tell you it is much worse than the pictures we are seeing of New Jersey and New York. This is Monday afternoon. We have 12 more hours of this including even higher winds. I cannot believe that people will be leaving their horses out in this but some will, I am sure, under the misguided nonsense that the horses can better fend for themselves without shelter.  I am writing now as we have electric and internet via aircard. Will update later as the power allows. If you are in this area, keep up with your Facebook friends via cell phone–they say that will be your best bet if you need help with your horses and have no power.

Holly Covey
Greenwood, Delaware

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