Hoofing It, Literally: When fashion and taxidermy collide

Lady Gaga is reportedly among the fans of this line of shoes by German designer Iris Schieferstein, made from (pass the barf bag, please) real horse hooves.

According to The Daily Mail, Schieferstein explained, “I love horses and I love shoes so I thought this would be perfect. Horses have a beautiful walk and I wanted to recreate that with my footwear.”

We’re just going to go out on a limb and say… that’s messed up.

These are allegedly the ones she made for Gaga:


A couple of other models:



Schieferstein¬†collects the horses’ feet from her local butcher in Berlin then strips out the meat and bones herself. The skin is then sent to a tanner to be preserved.

The shoes sell for around $5,500.

She also makes hats and shoes from dead birds, rodents and snakes.

A big thanks to reader Victoria Smith for the tip, and apologies if we ruined anyone’s lunch.

Go Riding.

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