EN Today: Tips for eventers living in itty-bitty apartments in the city

Why should you own an ironing board? Probably not for the reason you think. Enjoy the latest edition of Yvette Seger’s series.

EN blogger finalist Yvette Seger is back with more Tips for Eventers Living in Itty-Bitty Apartments in the City.  Yvette will always be remembered for the famous Insane Walmart Ride, and we welcome her contributions to Eventing Nation. – Visionaire


From Yvette:

Tips for Eventers Living in Itty-Bitty Apartments in the City:  The “Appropriate Dress” Edition

Top photo: A small sample of shoes I’ve deemed as horribly inappropriate for my upcoming 3-day jogs

Hey there, Eventing Nation!  I don’t know about you, but I am pretty exhausted from the Dilly in Fair Hill-y.  Part of it might be the stress of taking food bribes from children being responsible for the U.S. Pony Club President’s Cup competitors all weekend, but I’m thinking it’s probably the fact that I did the walk from the fairgrounds stabling to the CCI warm-up ring three times…on my own two feet.  In Wellies.  While trying to keep up with “energetic” games ponies.  I so earned that funnelcake that I devoured in 0.2 seconds on Saturday.  (Note:  if you’ve never been to Fair Hill, trust me – it’s a looooong, hilly walk.)

Now that my hip flexors hate me, I’m on to my next adventure – preparing for my OWN three-day experience this week at Waredaca!  Woo-hoo!  I’m excited to compete in my first full format since…um…a really long time ago (1995 Essex CCI*).  And of course, since I’m an overachiever, I decided to enter both of my horses in the three-day…what the #@%* was I thinking?!?

As the photo above indicates, I’m a little fixated on what to wear (or more like, what NOT to wear) for the three-day jogs.  I mean, seriously – the grey?  SO many fashion opportunities…but then there’s my little flashy paint porse.  Suddenly, my closetful of polka dot, plaid, and animal print skirts are just looking like a bad idea…*sigh*…

Frustrated, I went back to packing the more “expected”  fashions for a three-day…you know, the jacket, white shirt, white breeches, and…everyone’s friend – the stock tie.  Ahhhhh, the stock tie!  Who doesn’t revel in the opportunity to wear a tourniquet around their neck?  Anyway, my philosophy is that if you’re going to choke yourself with a crazy piece of fabric, at least take the time to starch and press it.  So I drag out my full-size ironing board (deftly hidden behind the refrigerator in my itty-bitty apartment), press the tie, and then put it away.  Since this is my last event of the season, the ironing board probably won’t move again until March, which brings me to this week’s tip…

Tip for Eventers Living in Itty-Bitty Apartments in the City #12:

No matter how itty-bitty your apartment may be, you MUST have an iron and an ironing board. Not for ironing your actual work clothes, however… just for pressing your stock tie. Because, really, it’s the only item in your closet that really needs to be ironed.

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