Wednesday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

Everybody knows that having the right saddle is a big deal. Fit, comfort, performance… it’s all important. But what about the girth?

Yep, the girth, that oft-forgotten piece of the saddlery puzzle. Thankfully, Amerigo remembered.

Exhibit A: Amerigo’s stud girth GH19, one of Amerigo’s best-selling accessories.

Made of soft calfskin leather and strong yet flexible rubber that provides excellent protection, the girth is as comfortable as it is functional. The high-quality leather and elastic on the sides fits easily to the horse and doesn’t cause any interference in the sensitive elbow area that can hinder the horses’ movement. Three-fold elastic on both ends allows for a centralized fitting.


it’s beautiful.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!



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