Idea Swap: Upcycled jumps

Amanda Ronan invested $19 and a little imagination into creating this colorful caterpillar cross-country jump. What are some safe jumps you’ve created for less than $50? Share your creative ideas, HN!

From Amanda:

I recently created this Upcycled creation for RKE Equestrian Center in Lufkin, Texas.  A 6″X6″X12′ long piece of treated wood is running the length of the tires and 2″X6″ pieces of wood are capping the ends. We drilled holes in all the tires to allow for rainwater drainage.  The “eyes” are made of old scooter tires with pieces of clear plastic on the inside.  We found the different size tires, literally, on the side of the road so they were free… and we did an environmental good deed!  We spent $14 on the spray paint and $5 on bolts.  The lumber was all scrap from other projects.  The project took one day to create.  $19 total spent on Caterpillar XC Awesomeness!

What are some SAFE (lawn chairs, milk crates and 2x4s need not apply) jumps that you’ve created for less than $50? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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