Old People Failing at Technology or, The Day HN joined Pinterest

As part of Horse Nation’s ongoing campaign to trick everyone into thinking we are relevant and cool, we now have a Pinboard.

This is how not hip I am: I didn’t even know about Pinterest until about a year ago, when–wait for it–my mother-in-law informed me about its existence. I got an account and, after a great deal of fumbling around trying to figure out how the thing worked, tried to do some pinning, or whatever, myself. But from what I could tell, all anyone on Pinterest cared about was artsy photos of coffee mugs, crafty DIY projects and girly-girl shoes. It all made me feel very inadequate about my own messy, smelly, rough-and-tumble horse life, so I quit.

I don't care about your stupid fancy coffee that you're taking a picture of instead of drinking.

Sure, I'd hang your cutesy button tree painting on my wall... NOT.

Those shoes would last about 30 seconds in a barn.

Later, however, it crossed my mind that maybe I was just hanging with the wrong crowd. Maybe there were horse geeks out there who would be just as thrilled as me to trade cute pony pics and hilarious horse memes. Then it dawned on me that I already knew those people. Those people are YOU.

So, are you ready to do some pinning with me, Horse Nation?

Ready or not, Pinterest, here we come. And we’re not taking off our boots at the door.

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