What do you think about the breeches-as-fashion trend?

On one hand it’s like “Yay! I can go from the barn to the grocery story and everyone will think I’m trendy.” On the other, it’s like, “No, they won’t, because I’ll still be covered in horsehair and mud.”

Here’s an ad from American Apparel (which we had to censor because apparently shirts aren’t “in” this year).

Here’s another shot of them, this time paired with a sensible crop top.

What about these from Alice + Olivia? Are they trying to go for a “full-seat breeches worn backwards” look?

These from DSquared2 are clearly modeled after old-school, thunder-thigh breeches, which went out of style many years ago for a very good reason.

These, from Dolce & Gabbana, aren’t too terrible–but the boots are.

Another pants-footwear pairing your probably not going to find in a SmartPak catalog, EVER.

I don’t know, Horse Nation. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

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