The Secret Life of McKenna: An eventer in hunterland

Junior blogger McKenna Oxenden’s latest column contains 23 exclamation marks, from which we can infer that her latest adventure was a success.

From McKenna:

Horse Nation, I have recently found out several things.

1. If I am to switch to hunters, I am doomed.

Do you know the amount of different stuff needed to look like a hunter?!!!!? A lot. A colored shirt WITH a collar or choker, preferably a navy jacket (jumping!), regular tan breeches (no FITS allowed), fitted show pad, standing martingale, oh, and don’t forget the no-flash bridle and a black whip. God forbid we use color!

Needless to say, I learned I better never switch disciples or I’ll have to buy a new wardrobe!!!

2. My horse is awesome!

Yes HN, since last post, my horse has sky rocketed up my list and is creeping on the number 1 spot! Gigi was quite the rockstar, and was pretty much flawless the whole time!

While there is still a lot to improve on, it was one of the best shows I’ve had in a LONG time!! Not that I wasn’t motivated before, but it has given me an new re-invigoration!!!

Little Dorito was also out in action with a junior rider who rode great to get some placings!

Although openly admitted, both ponies were a tad insulted at the 10-inch potted plants as a jump out of the ring for the hunter derby. BRING ON THE REAL XC JUMPS!

This weekend, I’m off to a local horse trial to practice a bit and we shall see what comes of it!

Go eventing and go cross disciplining!!!

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