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Good morning Horse Nation! We thought we’d hand this week’s WEB post off to some folks whose names you might recognize.

Here’s the good word from a few top riders who are World Equestrian Brands devotees.

I have been using Mattes pads for over nine years. I love the way they fit and feel under the saddle, not to mention the comfort for the horse. Now with all the fun colors my clients have so much fun picking out trims, girths and fly masks to match. This makes the everyday schooling fun and entertaining! If you have not tried them you are missing out!” – Debbie McDonald

When riding ten or more horses a day, I need tack that is durable and dependable. That is why I ride in Vespucci.” – Alexandra Slusher

At the top levels of every sport, everyone is looking for an advantage. Amerigo saddles give my horses that extra advantage. Amerigo saddles put me in a balanced position and allow my horses to move and jump freely with very little interference from the tack. The end result is increased performance from my horses.” – Aaron Vale

The Equilibrium Massage pad has become an integral part of the management of the horses in my barn.  The horses are in all levels of training from novice and preliminary, to my more experienced intermediate and advanced horses, and they all benefit from the use of this pad. We use it in a variety of ways, sometimes before riding to help relax and warm the back up, or after training to aid in cool down.  For us, the massage pad is part of maintaining healthy horses, not only as something to use if there is an issue. We travel a lot, and the massage pad is easy to pack, easy to use, and highly effective.  The benefits are clear, and the horses love it.”Kim Severson

The Equilibrium Stretch and Flex training wraps are fantastic for my dressage horses. They provide excellent support while my horses are showing off their expressive gaits. These wraps are very breathable and light weight yet still provide super protection, what a great combination!” – Pierre St Jacques

The Tri-zone Cross Country boots have become an essential part of my equipment.  They are super protective, yet unbelievably light weight, and the air vents keep my horse’s legs from overheating.  They are great in water, as it drains out quickly and doesn’t add any weight.  I highly recommend them, especially for my upper level horses.”Buck Davidson

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