October Featured Rescue: LEARN Horse Rescue

Each month, Horse Nation partners with SnarkyRider.com to shine the spotlight on a deserving horse rescue. For October, we’re featuring LEARN Horse Rescue in Megget, South Carolina.

From SnarkyRider.com:

For the month of October, Snarky Rider’s featured rescue is LEARN Horse Rescue (Livestock and Equine Awareness and Rescue Network).

-What’s LEARN’s history? How did the rescue get started? Elizabeth and Kelly (husband) Steed were a private, out of pocket rescue until a neighboring county asked them to take 33 of 47 horses in various stages of neglect/abuse.  The decision to assist with that large scale operation made it clear to the Steeds and a handful of volunteers that non profit status needed to be established in order to assist the growing unwanted horse problem.

-How many horses is LEARN currently home to? And what’s your capacity?  Currently we have 31 horses. I guess you could say that we are at, if not over capacity, not because of space, but because of resources – volunteers and money.

-Where do most of your rescues come from?  The horses arrive to us from all sorts of places – mostly from abuse or neglect cases that have been either reported to us or the counties, some from owner surrender (the economy has been awful for large animals) and a couple from auctions.

What’s your greatest accomplishment so far? Bringing awareness to the plight of the unwanted and abused horses in South Carolina, facilitating low cost equine vaccination and gelding clinics to help struggling owners, and providing care/rehabilitation to more than 80 horses in the three (3) years we have been a 501c3 non profit.

-What’s your adoption process and what advice do you have for potential adopters? We require potential owners to provide a completed application, references, pass a sight check/evaluation, and sign an agreement to not sell or re-home the horse without prior approval by LEARN. Potential adopters should be educated and prepared for all aspects of horse ownership, including nutrition, daily and veterinary/dental/hoof care, as well as the costs associated with owning a large animal for a potentially very long time.

-In South Carolina, if someone comes across a horse that they suspect is abused/neglected, what would your advice be to them? (who they should contact to help the horse) Contact the local animal control office.  If possible, without trespassing or breaking any laws, take pictures, keep a diary, but do not take direct action other than reporting the problem to their local animal control or law enforcement agency.

-How can people help support LEARN?  Truth be told, the best way people can assist LEARN is with financial support. We are fortunate to have good grazing pastures but with the approach of winter, the feed bill is about to skyrocket. Also, donations towards our vet bills and medical supplies are greatly appreciated. Lead lines and halters, blankets/sheets, fly spray and treats are also great ways to help if people want to donate actual “stuff” instead of money. Locally, more regular and dependable volunteers would also be very helpful too.

-And now for a serious question: In a bar brawl between a Clydesdale and an Arabian (both drunk), who do you think would win and why? The Clydesdale because he brings his “team” to have his back as well as his own beer wagon for medicinal purposes  🙂

For more information about LEARN Horse Rescue, check out their website.

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