Just When You Thought Kentucky License Plates Couldn’t Get Any Cuter…

The Kentucky Horse Council just released its 2013 license plate design, which features–wait for it–an even more adorable baby horse.

Here’s the old plate, which has been in use for the past eight years:

And here’s the new one:

I know! The foal is so lifelike you just want to pet it.

If you’re a vehicle owner in Kentucky, however, you can get a plate of your own. This specialty license plate is available for a license fee of $44, and part of the proceeds goes to support the Kentucky Horse Council’s programs in horse welfare, industry education, and public awareness of the impact of the horse industry on Kentucky. The plates can be purchased as of October 1 from your local County Clerk’s office.

In a press release, Anna Zinkhon, KHC Board President, complimented the new design. “This is the first change to our very popular ‘foal’ specialty license plate for eight years,” she says. “Putting this license plate on your vehicle proclaims not only your interest in the equine industry, but your pride in living in the Horse Capital of the World with these beautiful animals and lovely horse farms.”

Here’s a fairly ridiculous promotional video about the KHC license plate campaign created by some University of Kentucky students who think they’re pretty funny:

Go Kentucky for having such awesome taste in license plates, and Go Riding!

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