Best of YouTube: Equine edition

Each week Jenni Autry scours the Internet for the most humorous, educational, and just plain weird horse videos on the web for Best of YouTube: Equine Edition.

Unusual Trailer Loading: I can load my horse while standing on top of a horse trailer too. Can’t you? Has anyone sane ever tried this? If so, I’d like your autograph.

Banishing Riding Blisters: I’m currently sporting a large blister on my ankle from a lesson on Wednesday, so I think I might break out the duct tape. Who’s going to try this out to see if it works?

Jacket Om Nom Nom: This adorable Falabella — one of the world’s smallest horse breeds — appears to have a healthy appetite for children’s jackets. Too cute.

Your Idiot of the Week: What did this guy think was going to happen? I love how he plays the macho card after getting kicked in the chest. Just walk it off.

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