The Secret Life of McKenna: Hitting the wall

Between a hectic schedule and a new horse, junior blogger McKenna Oxenden has been going a little bit crazy of late. Today, she attempts to make some sense of it all.

From McKenna:

Recently I’ve been having to have a lot of mental talks with myself. No, no, not crazy-people-talking-to-themselves mental talks but, you know, the mental talks where you try and make yourself feel better, or the ones that attempt to make you rationalize.

Within the last few weeks I had kind of felt like I had just hit a wall with Gigi (and life!). I have been nonstop all the time. School, work, riding, homework, sleep. In all honesty I haven’t been very good at figuring out a schedule that works well, and doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed. I have been ensuring that Gigi gets ridden daily and always try my best to fit little Dorito in there, too.

But that leads me back to the wall I felt as if I had hit. Ever since I returned from my weekend getaway about two weeks ago, Gigi has been awful. Throwing herself sideways/up/down, throwing her head in the air constantly, and just being awful to ride. I felt as if no matter what I did, nothing helped. Usually by the end of my rides, it was much much better, but not up to the caliber I was expecting nor making me happy.

On Sunday, I tagged along on a little cross country school, thinking “What is the harm?!” Wrong. I left XC schooling with a frown on my face and questioning my horse. Everything had been going fine… and then I tried to put two fences together and the world was coming to an end. NEWSFLASH! Putting two fences together is kind of important in eventing. Let alone anything jumping related.

Back down, McKenna. Easy does it. Remember this was basically your first time off property XC schooling with her. AND remember that she is still really green.

Anyways, my point is don’t get caught up and forget the big picture. I sometimes forget how green Gigi is. She has a good basis of everything, but has A TON to still learn and I’m on for the ride and here to help her out.

I had an awesome lesson with the ever-so-lovely Courtney Sendak, who made me trot lots and LOTS of fences… and big fences at that!!! She also reminded me that we can’t forget how green she is, but to just enjoy it and look forward to the future.

I believe that after lots of hard work, I’m going to have one AWESOME horse. One thing is for sure: I am definitely reinvigorated!!

This weekend I am off to a real life hunter show. Scary, right?! I’m competing in the children’s hunters division and a hunter derby! Here’s wishing not too much judgement is going to be shed by the hunters at the show on this eventer!! 🙂

Go eventing, go hunters, and go green horses!

McKenna & Gigi

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