5 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Horse Scenes

Unless you don’t mind having nightmares for weeks and being emotionally scarred for life, if you like horses, you should probably avoid these television and movie scenes.

Horse decapitation (Season 1, Episode 5) and general cruelty toward horses in Game of Thrones

An angry jouster decapitates his horse after losing a jousting match. Blood goes everywhere. It’s SUPER disturbing. A couple episodes later, there’s a horse-heart eating scene, and the Dothraki people are always snacking on horse jerky. In general, horse people should probably stay away from this show.

This girl just saw a horse get its head chopped off. Gross!

Horse zombie buffet in The Walking Dead (Season 1, Episode 1)

I love this show but I will never forgive Rick for walking his horse straight into a big herd of zombies. Then, he just hid under a tank and watched his horse get chomped. Getting eaten alive by zombies is a bad way to go, so we highly recommend fast forwarding through this scene.

The horse butt-stabbing scene in True Grit

What made them think knifing Little Blackie, the best character in this entire film, in the hindquarters would make him run faster? When has that EVER made a horse run faster! And then, guess what, he died! RIP Little Blackie. This scene ruined the whole film for me.

The “horse head in the bed” scene in The Godfather

There is nothing in the world more terrible than waking up with a dead horse head in your bed. This movie ruined my ability to sleep soundly for years. I strongly advise avoiding it at all costs.

The horse suicide scene in The Ring

A bunch of horses inexplicably jump off a ferry and get sliced to pieces by the ship’s propellers. This is the most disturbing scene in horror movie history, no question.

What am I leaving out, Horse Nation? Leave your own warnings in the comments section below.


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