EN Today: Win a saddle pad from Success Equestrian

We know how much you people love contests, which is why we’re going to let you in on this announcement from Eventing Nation sponsor Success Equestrian.

Success Equestrian saddle pads and half pads are made with a no-slip material that will keep your saddle pad and saddle in place. No more bunching up behind your leg, no more slipping too far back or riding up the neck and no more over-tightening of girths! These pads prevent slippage on even the hardest to fit horses and the fully contoured top line ensures comfort for your horse.

Afraid no-slip pads will cause your horse to sweat more than necessary? Well, no sweat! The air-flow grip is only used where you need it.  The rear quarter panel of the pad has cotton on the bottom side to help keep your horse cool. With an added 1.5cm open cell breathable foam cushion in the seat, this pad offers extra shock absorption and stability with an air flow grip bottom layer that is completely breathable and wicks away perspiration due to the quilted cotton blend top layer!

Two lucky winners will each receive a monogrammed Success Equestrian saddle pad of their choice – pretty awesome. Contestants have until Friday, October 5 to enter.  Here’s your challenge:

Creatively describe a successful situation that you have had with your horse. Be clever and the funnier the better. Here’s the trick, you have to describe it in 160 characters! We know, a bit of a tough one, but seeing as you all are becoming social media and Tweeting entrepreneurs we have confidence you can come up with some creative, concise ways to tell your tale.  Email your entry to [email protected] with “Success” in the title by October 5th.

In addition to donating to our EN readers via witty contests, Success Equestrian also donates part of the proceeds from every saddle pad sold to the Equestrian Aid Foundation, so if you like what you see go ahead and shop it’s for a good cause!


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