Kelsea Brockmeier’s Ultimate Pre-show Playlist

What songs get you in the mood to score blue ribbons? Check out Kelsea’s list and leave your own suggestions in the comments section below.

From Kelsea:

Finding good songs to listen to before a horse show can be a real challenge. My friends typically listen to a lot of Bright Eyes (YouTube him–most songs are literally three minutes of him weeping) and as much as I appreciate their musical taste, it does not exactly put the fire in my heart. Sometimes, we all end up in a position where the last thing on the radio before we head to the show ring is something about a breakup or dying or whatever. While these are often lovely songs, weeping your way through your upward transitions does not typically put you in the ribbons.

Lucky for you, Horse Nation, I have compiled some of my favorite pre-show hype songs for your enjoyment. Without further ado, here is Kelsea’s Pre-show Playlist!

1. “Bartholomew” – The Silent Comedy

I originally saw this song on the trailer for Hatfields and McCoys. I was too disgusted to watch the show (THEY MURDERED THE INNOCENT PUPPY!), but the song is an instant classic.

2. “The Second Coming” – Juelz Santana

This song is pretty cool, with a sick beat and lyrics about resilience and strength. It is from a Nike commercial, making this Nike’s one and only significant contribution to equestrian sport (lest we forget their attempt to design tall boots).

3. “Hells Bells” – AC/DC

Does this one even require an explanation? It’s been a staple of athletic events since my mother was in high school. If it’s survived 30 years, it deserves a spot on the list.

4. “Shake It Out” – Florence and the Machine

This is my go-to happy song. It makes one want to sing and dance and not vomit or pee themselves. If you are a nervous rider, listen to this one!

5.  “Change” – Taylor Swift

I know not everyone is a big fan of T-Swizzle, but this one is pretty fitting for riding. It’s about patience and banging on the walls until they finally come down. Definitely inspiring.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and maybe you’ll even download some to your own equestrian playlist. Go listen and go riding!

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