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Check out Jessica Bortner-Harris’ interview with Lynsey Steinberg, an eventer with who has carved a career out of her combined interests in art, technology and horses.

From Jessica:

Lynsey Steinberg and Dragon Tea at Pine Top

If there is one thing that has become very important in this day and age, it is the development of websites and social media.  In the equestrian world, it has become imperative that professionals either learn how to throw themselves out there or hire someone who does.  One wants to promote themself well with well thought out websites, classy Facebook pages, and more.  There are so many options out there.  When it was time for me to update my website, I wanted to find someone who knew the horse world and what clients want to see. 

Lynsey Steinberg lives in North Augusta, GA, just outside of Aiken, SC.  She has been riding since she was 7, and she has been eventing since 2010 under the tutelage of Jodi Hemry.  Lynsey acquired her current mount, Dragon Tea (aka Loper), just after she started eventing, and she hasn’t looked back.  Jodi has been helping her bring Loper along, and Lynsey really enjoys the bond that she is building with him.  Because of all of the time that she has spent with Jodi, Lynsey has learned a lot of the ins and outs of what it takes to be a professional equestrian.  She understands that not all horse people have the time or inclination to be on the up and up with technology.  This is how her business got started.

Some of Lynsey’s Medical Illustration

Lynsey is a Medical Illustrator.  How does one get into something like that?  Here is what Lynsey had to say:

I went to Savannah College of Art and Design for my BFA degree and there in my final year of school I took an Equine Dissection class.  Instead of writing out most of my exam answers, I would draw the anatomy.  My professor at the time, Martha Mallicote said she wanted to introduce me to a Medical Illustrator named Deb Haines.  Deb told me Medical Illustration was going to be the most difficult thing I would ever train for…so I asked where do I start?

Lynsey began her Masters in Medical Illustration and loved every minute of it.  She graduated last year, and started her own business, Fraulein Medical Illustration.   Not only does she do medical illustration, but she has ventured in the world of website publication.  She has always known how to use code and work with technology, as it has always been a hobby of hers.  Because of her experience in the horse industry, she has started taking on equine business websites as part of her business.  Lynsey realized that many equine professionals have difficulty with websites, publications, marketing, and even computers.

I believe in getting what you pay for, you should have top quality promotion that says ‘I am professional ’and not have to give your horses next four months of board up for it.  I know what it’s like to make sure your horse is fed before you are. I love this industry and want to see it succeed.

 I think it’s great to have someone of Lynsey’s talents that understands how things work in the horse world.  Here are a few of the websites that she has done:

Defying Gravity Eventing

Rocky Start Stables

Jodi Hemry Eventing

Harrison Clinical Consulting

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