Friday Flicks: Horse kisses

Smooching on horseback isn’t as easy as it looks. Horse Nation film critic Amanda Ronan points out three sets of movie stars, however, who make it look like a piece of cake.

From Amanda:

It seems so romantic, right?  You and your fella going for a long trail ride, he leans in, you lean in…  And then reality sets in.  You’re covered in horse hair, sweat, sunscreen and who knows what else.

Maybe kissing on horses is best left to the professionals.  Here are some of my favorite on-screen horseback kiss scenes.

Westley and Buttercup of The Princess Bride (1987).

Ty and Amy of Heartland (TV Series 2007-2012).

And last but not least Jim and Jessica from The Man from Snowy River (1982).

Go Riding!

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