Best of YouTube: Equine edition

Each week Jenni Autry scours the Internet for the most humorous, educational, and just plain weird horse videos on the web for Best of YouTube: Equine Edition.

This week on YouTube: People are still really fascinated with breeding horses and a lot of teenage girls think they can sing “White Horse” by Taylor Swift. As always, after sifting through the junk I unearthed a few winners. Enjoy, Horse Nation!

Horse Kicks Guy in Face: Ah, karma. We love when you do your thang. What did this guy honestly think was going to happen? Horse Nation applauds the horse for his impeccable aim.

Using Ground Lines: Top hunter trainer and rider Archie Cox shows how well-placed ground lines can aid a horse’s bascule. There’s great before and after analysis pertaining to the ground lines.

World’s Tallest Horse: This video shows a roundup of some of the recent world records earned by animals. Jump to 31 seconds into the video to see Big Jake, the world’s largest horse at 20.2 hands, or just under seven feet at the withers.

Diagnosing Back Pain in Your Horse: Top sport horse veterinarians and back specialists Geoff Vernon and Rob Boswell discuss how to diagnose and treat back pain in your horse. It’s very important to “know your horse” so you can discern aches and pains.

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