Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Team Fleeceworks riders have been tearing it up these past few weeks, earning accolades in both national and international competition.

Taren Atkinson was first in Open Intermediate with Limerick and first in Open Preliminary with Gustaf at Copper Meadows’ Area VI Championships.

Joie Gatlin and Kistler finished 7th in the $500,000 Hunter Prix in Saugerties, New York

Photo by Josie Driscoll

Kristi Nunnink and R-Star had a fantastic first Burghley four-star.

James Atkinson and The Alchemyst rocked their way around the Advanced at Woodside, finishing in 3rd.

The common denominator? Fleeceworks.

Top riders rely on Fleeceworks products for the performance and comfort of their equine partners, and nothing guarantees this like Fleeceworks’ hand-selected Australian Merino Sheepskin. Fleeceworks products provide minimum bulk with maximum performance and utilize advanced, patented FXK Technology that provides comprehensive relief for withers and spine. The patent pending Perfect Balance Technology with tailored inserts assures exacting saddle fit.

No matter what your style of riding, Fleeceworks has a product that will fit your needs. Visit the Fleeceworks website to learn more about its products.

Go Fleeceworks, and Go Riding!

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