Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

Here at HN, we are an equal opportunity appreciator of thrills, spills and everything in between. Today’s “Oh $h!t” moment is brought to you by my personal hero, Jennifer Rivera.

Jen and her horse Dover are, in my humble opinion, one of the most ridiculously talented up-and-coming pairs in the sport of eventing. Case in point: Jenn’s Velcro britches and Dover’s heart of gold are the sole reasons they stayed afloat after a bobble at this Intermediate level water jump at Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials.

Take it away, Jen!

Photos by David Mullinix, owned by Jennifer Rivera

Jen and Dover, that was one heck of a comeback! Jumping into the water, things weren’t looking so good, but Dover never took his eye off the prize and you, well, you took your eye off the prize for a minute there but you never gave up, and that’s what really counts. Whether it’s a water complex or the complexities of life, “grab mane and keep kicking” is a good rule of thumb.

Jen, it’s a time-honored tradition here to dedicate a song, Delilah-style, with each “Oh $h!t” entry to the fallen soldiers of Horse Nation. You may or may not remember the ’90s pop band Smashmouth, which produced hit singles such as “All Star” and “Walkin’ on the Sun.” (If you’re lucky, you don’t remember them, because they were pretty crappy.) Anyway, one of their lesser known songs is this one, aptly titled, “Hang On.”

Jen and Dover, this one goes out to you.

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