Fit to Ride: What to wear?

In less than a month, Horse Nation hardbody Biz Stamm will be running the Portland Marathon to raise money for a mustang rescue. She’s narrowed the Fit to Ride t-shirt design contest down to two finalists and needs your help picking a winner!

From Biz:

Race day is less than one month away!  On October 7th, I will be running in the Portland Marathon to raise money for Ever After Mustang Rescue and to achieve a personal goal.  Yesterday I was asked if I had a goal time, but for my first time around my goal is just to finish.  If my time is overly embarrassing, I could always use the Paul Ryan Marathon Time Calculator to make me feel better about myself.

Slow or fast, one thing is certain.  I will be completing the Portland Marathon in style, baby!  I’ve received two awesome entries for the Fit to Ride Marathon t-shirt contest.  Thank you for those who took the time to enter.  I will look great regardless of the winner.

From Kerrie Garvey:

From Toni Wolf:

I may have to tweak the colors depending on the screen printer’s capabilities, but both designs are pretty fantastic in their own way.

Please vote!

The winner will receive a technical t-shirt with their design.  Depending on the amount of interest, t-shirts may also be available to buy.  All t-shirt proceeds will go to support Ever After Mustang Rescue.

Go riding!

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