HN Safety Tip of the Week: Don’t let your horse fall in a hole

After yet another horse had to be rescued from a sinkhole this week, the HN Safety Brain Trust felt compelled to point out this often ignored safety rule.

In this particular instance, which took place on Sunday in East Tennessee, a blind horse tumbled into a 20-foot sinkhole. It took a team of eight firefighters and four veterinarians over four hours to extract the horse. [USA Today]

Which leads us to two questions:

1. What was a blind horse doing in a field with a 20-foot sinkhole, and…

2. Never mind, that’s our only question.

You might think this was an isolated incident, but trust us, more horses are falling into sinkholes out there than you might think.

Here are a couple examples, and a quick Google video search turns up many more.

Which leads us to this week’s safety tip: Don’t let your horse fall in a hole.


It’s not that hard.


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