Best of YouTube: Equine edition

Each week Jenni Autry scours the Internet for the most humorous, educational, and just plain weird horse videos on the web for Best of YouTube: Equine Edition.

I’m learning that typing “horse” and “horses” into the search box on YouTube generally brings up the same types of videos each week. People seem to either post videos of horses breeding — not sure if I should interpret this as creepy or educational — or riders falling off. Luckily, there’s always a few gems to mine in the depths of YouTube.

Mounted Archery:  Training a horse to tolerate arrows being shot by a mounted rider isn’t easy, but this video certainly makes it look that way. This is like “Hunger Games” meets “Last of the Mohicans.” You also gotta love the tribal music background track.

Chuckwagon Racing: Chuckwagon racing is exactly what it sounds like: chuckwagons being pulled by — wait for it — miniature horses. It doesn’t get much cuter than this. These little guys reach speeds of up to 15 mph. Go minis!

Jock Paget Save: Jock Paget finished fifth at the Burghley CCI4* event in England last weekend. He went clear on cross country with two time penalties after making this incredible save at a water complex. Well sat, Jock!

Army Horses Retire: This is a warm-and-fuzzy news piece about the Horses Trust in Buckinghamshire, England, where many British Army horses retire after their military careers. I especially love Reg, who reportedly hospitalized several officers in his heyday.

Horse Stretching: UK’s Horse and Rider Magazine posted this great video today showcasing techniques on how to stretch out your horse. Stretching improves circulation and is a great way to prepare your horse for a ride.

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