Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

Here at HN, we are an equal opportunity appreciator of thrills, spills and everything in between. Today’s “Oh $h!t” moment is brought to you by reader Carolyn Drover.

Carolyn writes:

I have to say I’ve always been very proud of my perfect cross country record. I started doing USEA events in spring of 2010, and besides one refusal at our first Training that August when we were running into trees to slow down at GMHA in a snaffle bit (that’s a story for another time) and 2 seconds over the clock at our first outing in 2011, we’ve been flawless. No falls, no eliminations. I’d like to share with you a first-person perspective of that wonderful record crashing into an angled house at our second Preliminary outing this spring.

I tightened my girth, I really did. But apparently my version of tight on this particular day was not tight enough. I still haven’t lived this down with my instructor. And if the helmet cam view of the fall wasn’t enough, my dad was also near this fence with his camera.

At least in the second video, I can not only embarrass myself, but my dad as well via his lack of videography skills. 🙂

Despite my absolute fury at that moment with the one-fall rule (come ON, I really wanted to jump that crazy log-drop-skinny combination later in the course!), we did in fact live to see another day, and had a clear round with only a few time faults at the Groton House Farm event a month or so later. And this coming weekend, we will get to complete our revenge, as we’re going back to King Oak for the fall trials. And hopefully not repeating the above episode.

Thanks for sharing, Carolyn, and good luck with your upcoming rematch! As the Beach Boys said, “Let’s get together and do it again.” Of course, they were talking about making out with girls on the beach–but in your case, Carolyn, we’re talking about going back out and kicking that jump in the bum. With your girth nice and tight this time, of course. We’re sending good vibrations your way!

Go Riding, and try not to fall off if you can help it.

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