Tuesday Morning Feed from Dubarry

People LOVE their Dubs. Seriously, they LOFF LOFF LOFF them. Here’s a sampling of comments from Dubarry’s Facebook page:

My new boyfriend turned up with a pair of Dubarry’s tonight – complete surprise – think he’s a stayer!!!” – Sarah Robinson

“In all the muck and mud around here right now (Florida), I’m LOVING my Dubarrys. They really are waterproof!” -Dawn Hurlburt

“Received my Walnut Galways last week- I love love love them!! No mucking out for those beauties!” -Kirsty McCullen

“My dubs are coming in so handy at Santa Anita and the Hollywood park race track!!! So comfortable!” -Courtney Moskios

“I am not looking forward to cold weather, but I am looking forward to wearing my new Dubarry jacket!!” -Nelina Loiselle

“Dubarry boots are so comfy you can fall asleep on your horse wearing them!” -Michael Rogers

Need some more Dubarry love in your life? Visit www.dubarry.us.

Go Dubarry, and Go Riding!

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