That’s Hilarious: A Facebook page for ‘horse husbands’

Our friend Glenn, “America’s Horse Husband,” at Horses in the Morning cracks me up bigtime. And now, he’s started his very own Facebook support group, Horse Husbands Unite.

“Finally,” he writes, “a safe place for us horse husbands to hang out. Feel free to post your pics, horse husband humor and all things horse husband.”

From real, pressing horse husband issues…

…to examples of what horse husbands should and should not put up with…

…to photos of cowgirl babes (you’re not fooling anybody, Glenn)…

I think poster Michelle put it best when she wrote:

Anyway, if you’re a horse husband, or if you know a horse husband, or if you’re married to a horse husband, get in on the action by “liking” Horse Husbands Unite.

And don’t forget to listen to Horse in the Morning live each weekday from 9 to 10:30 a.m. ET!

Go horse husbands, and go riding!


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