Best of YouTube: Equine edition

Each week Jenni Autry scours the Internet for the most humorous, educational, and just plain weird horse videos on the web for Best of YouTube: Equine edition.

Hey, Horse Nation! I’m Jenni, winner of the second annual Eventing Nation Blogger Contest and newest contributor to HN. Everyone loves a good video break during the day, so I’ll be bringing you Best of YouTube: Equine Edition every Friday. If you find a great YouTube video and want to see it on HN, tip me at [email protected].

Horse Stands on Man’s Stomach: I’m not sure whether to be terrified or impressed by this first video. Here we see a little insight into training a horse to appear in a stunt show (or how to cause internal bleeding). I love how the horse comes close to nailing him in a certain unfortunate place several times.

New Little Caesar’s Commercial: Little Caesar’s commercials tend to be really hit or miss. This latest horse-themed release gets two thumbs up from HN. I happen to drive right by a Little Caesar’s on my way home from the barn and I have to confess that I cave regularly. Gotta love the convenience.

An Intro to Horse Agility: We’ve all seen dog agility, but horse agility is gaining popularity as well, especially in Europe. Skip ahead to 1:18 to see the horse scale a ramp and 1:30 to see the horse jump through hoops.

Being a Disneyland Horse: Disneyland has posted several videos to YouTube about Owen, a Belgian gelding learning to pull a street car. This is the latest installment, in which Owen graduates from training and begins his duties pulling guests around the park.

Vaulting World Championships: Joanne Eccles won the 2012 FEI World Vaulting Championships last week with this incredible performance. She was also world champion in 2010 and won the World Equestrian Games in 2010. Go Joanne!

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