The Secret Life of McKenna

Junior blogger McKenna Oxenden hands the reins of this week’s column to her 12-year-old barn buddy Jillian, who enjoys buying things for her imaginary horse, cantering around on her imaginary horse, and catching rides on real horses when she can.

From McKenna:

Hey HN! First off, good luck to everyone at Burghley this week and to Brickland Eventing’s Emily Beshear and Here’s to You (Quincy) as they depart for Blenheim today! Anyway, I’m back this week with a new special guest, I won’t spoil who she is but be nice as she is a young’in. She’s a lovely up and coming rider, who I’m hoping will be able to take over the ride on Dorito part-time until he is sold. So without further ado here she is!

Hello Horse Nation!!!

My name is Jillian Doll also known as that crazy horse chick… Yep that’s me. First off, big thanks to McKenna for letting me write in her blog, I’m bouncing off the walls with happiness!!

I’ll start with some information on myself:

We’ve established my name already so that can be skipped. I’ve been riding for about four years now, eventing for two! I currently go baby beginner novice on a very large horse (17.1-hh to be exact) named Lionheart. Hopefully moving up to beginner novice soon; BBN is quite small and boring. Lionheart happens to go training with his owners, and he’s SUPER strong. I’m 12 years old and just started 7th grade, but ended up not going to school the past two days due to a passing of my biggest fan. I don’t have a horse but I enjoy making constant trips to Dover Saddlery to buy things for my imaginary horse–so far I have three saddle pads, halter, lead rope, and an ear bonnet! I’m freakishly tall, 5’5 and counting. I enjoy cantering around my school and house, oh, and I love cats.

I attended Rolex Kentucky in 2011 with McKenna and my best friend, Emma! I got to understand the concept of eventing and met a lot of famous eventers which was very cool if I must say so myself. Got to see some EPIC cross country runs!!

All in all, I’d like to thank McKenna for letting me ride Dorito the Super Pony for a sustained period of time last year! Dorito took me to my first event 🙂

It’s time for me to sign off, see you later HN!!!!

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