10 Jumps That Scare the Living Crap out of Us

Burghley boasts some of the biggest, baddest cross-country obstacles in the world. In its honor, we present this list of other jumps you’d have to be insane to point your horse at. Top photo: Eventing Nation

1. For starters, let’s talk about Burghley’s infamous Cottesmore Leap. Max height brush coupled with a ditch you could lose a pony in, it’s definitely scary as crap.

[Eventing Nation]

2. Back in the day when people didn’t give a crap about wearing helmets, there were jumps like this


and this. 

[Wikimedia Commons]

3. I don’t even know who this person is, but I bet they’re crapping their pants right now.


4. Holy crap. That’s all I can think when I see this photo from the 1928 Grand National at Aintree.


5. The Hickstead Derby Bank, a a jump with 3-ft. 5-in. rails on top and a 10-ft. 6-in. slope down the front, has been scaring the crap out of showjumpers since 1962.


6. Here’s another example of people being crazy as crap back in the olden days.


7. Every year at the Rolex Three-Day Event, the biggest crowds gather around the Head of the Lake water complex to watch the crap hit the fan.


8. Holy crap, this guy is jumping a freaking car.


9. If I wanted to go out and jump my horse over an 8 foot fence, I definitely would make it an upright vertical. What the crap.


10. This is the modern day version of the jump in the photo above and proof that horse people are still batcrap crazy.


If you want to see some more jumps that scare the crap out of us, check out this 2012 Burghley Horse Trials course walk, led by course designer Captain Mark Phillips. Burghley kicked off yesterday and continues through Sunday–keep it tuned to our sister site Eventing Nation for all the latest updates.

Go Riding.

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