Adoptable Horse of the Week: Bramble

Today we’ve got yet another adoptable cutie from our August featured rescue, Pipsqeak Paddocks. A huge thanks, as always, to for making this fantastic series possible!


Bramble is a black bay gelding around 19 years old.  He came to us 100 pounds overweight, but has lost over 20 pounds already!  He had been kept on a huge grass field, but luckily did not founder.  Now that he’s being fed proper portions, Bramble is well on his way to being fit and healthy!

Bramble is friendly and wants to interact with us, but he has been left to his own devices for quite some time.  He is still learning how be good for the vet and farrier.  He needs someone to be consistent and fair with him so that he can learn what is expected and appropriate.

Bramble is located at our August featured rescue, Pipsqueak Paddocks Horse Haven Society in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

More photos and information can be found on their website:

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